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Are you facing a "game failed to launch" followed by an error message on dp2 error when trying to join games in CFS2 on the Zone?

Well here are some advises on possible causes and ways to fix it. Before even considering these steps, check that your game works offline, that you got the latest version of DirectX installed and that you got the right CD in the tray.

First off, this official explanation on dp2 errors from Microsoft:

In other words, you are facing a firewall problem which can be caused by either software firewall, hardware firewall or both.


First step:

Check your software firewalls and set them to give notification. WinXP has a build in firewall and you need to follow this procedure to enable notification and then allow CFS2, Zone and DirectX applications to access the internet:

If you have other software firewall like Zone Alarm or antivirus programs, then you need to look up the manuals for these firewalls and set them to give notification as well. As last step you can disable these firewalls temporarily just to test if they are causing trouble.

If you didn't unblock some of the Zone and game files in your WinXP firewall by mistake, then reset the firewall and follow these steps to start on a fresh:



Second step:

Do you use a router? If you do, then you need to forward the DirectX8 ports listed in this Microsoft help document:;en-us;Q240429

How to forward these ports then?

This all depends on which router you use and this link will give you a good idea on how to configure your router:

For most routers, you need to access configuration by entering an ip address in your browser. The following link is a video showing how this is done on a Linksys router:

If you don't have manual for your router and don't wish to search for it on the manufacturers site, then there is a good chance that you will find the necessary information here:


Third step:

None of the above did the trick for you?

Sometimes you will get timeout and errors simply due to bad connection. Try reboot pc, reload the Zone and see if the problem disappears.

Good luck!! Hopefully you will finally punch a hole through and be able to hit the skies :o)
February 11th 2005