New and old C.O.
Posted by NS38th_Nil_7 on January 02 2008 16:09:07

We now have both a new and "old" C.O.

Ghost has accepted to get back in the position as C.O. for NS38th and the site has been updated to a more flexible site, where we will all have the option to easily contribute with content.

I hope that those of you still being active in CFS2 will welcome these changes and support Ghost in any ways to keep the squad air born.

I will act as X.O. for the time being until a more active X.O. is eventually found. I hope that these changes will will benefit those of you still flying and maybe even making this an interesting place for new simmers who enjoy flying CFS2.

Feel welcome to contribute by submitting Links, News, Articles and Photos. Content is admin approved so it will appear once one of the admins have reviewed it.

Thanks to all those that supported me through my time as C.O. and a special thanks to Dave for his assistance.